Whole plant equipment for beverages. Professional and one-stop solution tailored to your beverage production and packing requirement: from PET bottle blow molding to water treatment, bottling and packing

KRL HIGH SPEED PET BOTTLE BLOW MOLDING MACHINE: all electric, servo-motor driving

bottle blowing machine

* Servo-driver for moving system
* Unique and patented rotary preform feeding system
* Each lamp and each group of lamps are adjustable. SCR constant voltage control system to keep table preform heating temperature and result. Not affected by voltage fluctuations
*Touch screen human-machine interface for easy operation
* Compact in size, floor space saving, easy moving and installation
* Intelligent glow control with high pressure valve
* Mould opening and clamping by servo driver

Note1: The high pressure air exhausted after blowing is recovered, which could take place of low pressure air compressor

Note2: Actual production depends on customers' bottle shape, preform design and quality

Note3: The specified mold heating consumption of hot-filling machine is 25KW; however, the actual power consumption depends on the actual production