Whole plant equipment for beverages. Professional and one-stop solution tailored to your beverage production and packing requirement: from PET bottle blow molding to water treatment, bottling and packing

intergraded to beverage bottling lines
different coding speed for your option

coding on bottle

1.) Human- computer interaction and intelligent operation: Keyboard type computer inkjet printer, 7 inch true color LED screen, 32-character ARM9 embedded structure, Linux system.
2.) Circuit: jet printing stability control, data protection, multiple innovations, optimum design.
3.) Advanced integrated four-pumps: diaphragm pump, ink pump, recycling pump and circulating pump.
4.) Strong software editing function and high stability. Good integration of technology and performance.
5.) Accurate jet printing date of production, graphic design etc. on foods, beverages, alcohols, drugs, wires, cables, various canned products, plastic packages, paper packages and on surface of objects in different shapes and of different materials..

coding machine inkjet coding
inkjet coder
codes on bottle
coding machine inkjet coding