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beverage end-of-line packaging


beverage production line

Once your product is rinsed, filled, capped, it also should be labeled, coded, and packed for shipment to the customer or retailer!  We will assist you in choosing the best packaging machinery to get your products on the shelf.

Shrink wrap bundlers allow several products to be grouped together and secured using shrink wrap.  The products are bunched into the preferred position, using a tray or in a tray-free format, and secured using the shrink wrap bundler.  Many bottled water cases are bundled using shrink wrap.

Case erectors aid in packing products for shipment.  These
case packaging machines will open and erect cardboard boxes to allow for easy product insertion.

Case tapers are often combined with case erectors.  Once a box is erected and loaded, this packaging machine will apply tape to seal the container in a variety of formats, including top and bottom taping.

Pallet wrappers circle pallets of product with stretch wrap to stabilize entire loads of product for shipping.  High profile and low profile pallet wrappers are available for use with hand jacks and fork trucks.  Rotary arm wrappers and ring wrappers can also be used for palletless, unique or hard to wrap loads.

For inquiry of End-of-Line packaging machinery, please contact us for further details.

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