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Introduction & Features of KINTL-5GAS fully-automatic bottle blow molding machine:

1. This fully automatic bottle blow molding machine meets the demand for production of high-quality 5-gallon PET bottles at high speed and energy saving. It is fully automatic, servo-motor driven and suitable for the production of PET bottles from 10L to 20L. KINTL-5GAS uses high-quality parts: Festo ( German brand), SMC (Japan brand ) & Parker ( U.S.A Brand) pneumatic components, Mitsubishi (Japan brand) PLC. 
2. Nontoxic conveyor belt to carry preforms 
3.Produce cold filling PET Bottles ( such as:3-5gallon 19L 20L water bottle ,oil bottle etc) 
4. Infrared lamps 
5. High safety. high speed with high efficiency. 
6. fully automatic working, one man is enough for operation the machine. 
7. Stable performing with easy maintenance. 
8. Imported PLC controlling and man-machine interface computer.
9. Japan Omron inspection sensor. 
10. Adopt the new type double bend arm and the four rod-clamping structure(won the patent): Cross direction; Middle mould board is move parallel; the distance between two moldboards is adjusted by the chain wheel. Thus, the clamping force is very strong. 
11. Power-saving design that can increase your profits. 
12. Segregate type air controlling system, which is designed for avoiding waste pollution.

For production of big bottles: 3 gallon, 5 gallon, 20L PET bottles, etc.   

About 320BPH (5-gallon reusable bottle), 550bph (disposable 5-gallon bottle)

High speed, Fully-Automatic, 1 cavity, energy saving, servo-motors for stretching and mold clamping.

KINTL-5GAS Bottle Blow Molding Machine

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