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  • Casticais4:24
  • love heaven3:16
  • Bubbly3:16
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  • our happy times4:28

170g PET preform 46mm neck

28mm short neck (1881)PET preform

MIZONE type 38mm neck PET preform

25g PET preform 30mm neck

30mm high neck PET preform

bottle preform PET preform

high quality products from virgin resins, prompt delivery

bottle preform PET preform

28mm High neck (1810) PET preform

HUIYUAN type 38mm neck PET preform

Whole plant equipment for beverages. Professional and one-stop solution tailored to your beverage production and packing requirement: from PET bottle blow molding to water treatment, bottling and packing

260g PET preform 50mm neck

PET  preforms foe PET  bottle

High quality preforms directly from factory in China