Whole plant equipment for beverages. Professional and one-stop solution tailored to your beverage production and packing requirement: from PET bottle blow molding to water treatment, bottling and packing

We supply empty bottle bag-packing machines:

It arranges and places empty plastic bottles into plastic bags and then seals the package.

Suministramos máquinas empacadoras de bolsas de botellas vacías:

Acomoda y coloca botellas de plástico vacías en bolsas de plástico y luego sella el paquete.

Nous fournissons des machines d'emballage de sacs de bouteilles vides :

Disposez et placez les bouteilles en plastique vides dans des sacs en plastique, puis scellez l'emballage.

Nós fornecemos máquinas de embalagem de sacos de garrafas vazias:

Arrume e coloque as garrafas de plástico vazias em sacos de plástico e feche a embalagem.



Boş şişe torbası paketleme makineleri tedarik ediyoruz:

Boş plastik şişeleri düzenleyin ve plastik torbalara koyun, ardından paketi kapatın.

نحن نوفر آلات تعبئة الأكياس الفارغة:

رتبي الزجاجات البلاستيكية الفارغة وضعيها في أكياس بلاستيكية ، ثم احكمي إغلاق العبوة.

KPM01SA Empty Bottle Bag-packing Machine, semi-automatic

1.)Application: factories producing and using plastic bottles in industries of food/beverage/daily chemical/ pharmaceutical/ pesticide/oil/ chemical/ cosmetics etc.
2.)PLC control, servo-motor drive, touch-screen man/machine interface. It can store a variety of container packaging settings and parameters which is convenient and practical for operators.
3.) With Bottle Protective Structure for easy-falling long or thin bottles and you will not worry whether the bottles will fall when being sorted and entering bags. (optional)
4.)Suitable for bag-packing of empty plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes.
5.)Single/double channel automatic bottle feeding, accurate positioning, high-speed packaging.
6.)  With the intelligent two-line temperature-controlled sealing process, the bag seal is tight and the bag will not be broken by bottle mouths in the package. Worry-free of seal bursting or loose packaging during the packaging process.
7.)Can be connected directly to bottle blow molders or leak-detecting machines or scraping machines, etc. 

This machine arranges and places empty plastic bottles into plastic bags and then seals the bag-package.

KPM01SA Empty Bottle Bag-packing Machine, semi-automatic

KPM01SA Bottle bag-packing machine, Máquina envasadora de bolsas de botellas, آلة تغليف الأكياس

                                 KPM01SA Empty Bottle Bag-packing Machine, semi-automatic

Bottle packing machine, bottle bagging machine

Máquina empacadora de botellas, máquina embolsadora de botellas

Machine d'emballage de bouteilles, ensacheuse de bouteilles

Máquina de embalagem de garrafas, máquina de ensacamento de garrafas

เครื่องบรรจุขวด, เครื่องบรรจุขวด

Şişe paketleme makinesi, şişe paketleme makinesi

آلة تعبئة الزجاجات ، آلة تعبئة الزجاجات

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