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laser ooder marker

Main applications:
    Applied to mark the production and the effective date, batch number, shift, enterprise names, trademarks and logos and other graphics of pharmaceutical, personal care products, tobacco, food and beverage packaging, wine, dairy products, clothing tag, leather, electronic components, chemical building materials, metal products.

Applied material :
    Applied to various materials, such as paper packaging, leather, cloth, organic glass, plastic packaging, plastic materials, bamboo and wood products, resin coating of metal, metal, glass, ceramics, etc.

Optical fiber laser machine’s laser is transferred by optical fiber, the loss is less ,higher efficiency, lower power consumption, adaptation is broader, wavelength is 1064 um

Advanced fiber laser system, Long life 
Smoothness and fineness marking result 
High electrical-optical conversion rate 
Stable machine performance and long life time 
High beam quality and high reliability 
Air cooling and free of maintenance 
Low processing cost, no consumption 
Compact design, easy to moving and installation 
Easy operation .

Optical fiber laser coding and marking machine

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