Whole plant equipment for beverages. Professional and one-stop solution tailored to your beverage production and packing requirement: from PET bottle blow molding to water treatment, bottling and packing

Blow-molder-filler-capper monobloc

Integration of rotary PET bottle blow molding, filling and capping. All the production processes are full automatic: perform unscrambling, sterilizing, PET bottle blow molding and bottling are under continuous and automatic running.

Compared to the traditional split technology, users can save water by more than 30%, saving electricity more than 15%, saving space for more than 60%, saving more than 20% of equipment investment, savings 15% or more operating costs.


Stretch-blow-molder, Filler and Capper in an effective combination

blow-molder-filler-caper monobloc

Equipment specification and advantages description


1. Auto sending pre-form device specification and advantages

1.1 Put pre-forms into hopper and immediately monitored by computer, no need peoples, it can adjust the capacity automatically according to manufacturing speed.
1.2 It can adjust outlet speed as you want according to different bottle pre-forms, make pre-forms send capacity equal to manufacturing.
1.3 Rotary type plastic conveying belt and roller conveyor ensure no damage and pollution during sending.

2. Heating stove

2.1 Every pre-form base of heating stove can move revolution, rotation ensuring pre-form run stable and uniform during heating.
2.2 8 floors infrared lamps, ten groups lamps device, each section can independently controlled ensuring heating uniform and precise.
2.3 Infrared lamps heating lamps controlling is closed controlling, after setting stove temperature and pre-form temperature, computer will auto monitoring ensuring temperature wave in rated values, avoid the effect of difference of day and night temperature.
2.4 There is special designed wind cooling device and protection plate cooling water against too high temperature to deform the mouth. The cooling wind is controlled by variable fan, the power is changeable. This way can make the temperature inside and out the same and delay the life of lamps.
2.5 Automatic infrared detector will check the pre-form temperature after heating and feedback the date to computer for auto controlling to make pre-form heat uniform with a high efficiency succeed.
2.6 There is also a special design for remove bad bottle pre-form.

3. Special mold system

3.1 The special mold system ensures fast and accurately changing mold.
3.2 Mold has air pressure balance device, making the mold line smallest so ensuring the quality and specification.
3.3 Special sealing design making mouth and sealing head connecting pressure smallest, will not damage pre-form mouth.

4. Extrude twice blowing system

4.1 Here we designed two grade blowing system, pre-blowing and high pressure blowing, two grade blowing air pressure and time is changeable. This kind system can ensure bottle quality and also can manufacture complex bottles and high specification bottles.
4.2 This system has pressure overload protection, loss air protection, which can protect pneumatic components won’t be damaged easily.
4.3 Special design extrude guide, ensuring extruding process has same speed and power.

5. Manipulator device

5.1 Sending pre-form and taking bottle all adopt manipulator to protect pre-form and bottle not to be polluted.

6.  Bottle sampling system

6.1 Sampling system of main computer can help to random sampling any mold bottles, it’s also convenient to QC management.
6.2 Auto calculation listing function, after manufacturing, computer will auto count that shift manufacturing efficiency, capacity and rejection rate.

7. Equipment stable and reliable specification

7.1 Main parts of machine come from Europe, America or Japan, good quality and long using life.
7.2 Equipment main connection is equipped with flexible protection system. Inlet pre-form system, heating stove, manipulator, rotary blowing wheel and main motor has torque overload, ensuring not damage equipment.
7.3 Equipment transmission adopts Germany SEW company frequency conversion motor and Germany Siemens inverter, flexible CVT starting, CVT adjusting, safe, stable; Precise Synchronous Connection, ensuring every transmission part run precisely and safety.

8. Controlling panel human-machine screen

8.1 Kind screen, equipment is controlled by human as he wants. People can learn machine state by seeing the screen.
8.2 Controlling screen is all Chinese and also has keys, which is convenient to operator and easily.
8.3 Total computerized, all manufacturing parameter focused set and controlled.

9. Maintain easily and conveniently

9.1 Equipment has faults diagnostic function, once there is fault, operator can find the faults place and reason by the controlling screen.
9.2 Equipment parts standard and changeable.


The parts contacted with water using high quality stainless steel-SUS 316L, non-dead corner and easy for cleaning.

Adopt high precision, high speed quantitative fill valve; without lose, ensuring perfect filling quality.

Capping head using constant torque device, ensuring capping quality.

Adopting high efficiency cap sort system with perfect cap feeding and protecting technology.

Just need to change star-wheel for different size bottle without adjusting equipment height, easy and convenient.

Filling system adopting bottle neck hung technology, avoiding second pollution for bottle mouth.

With perfect overload protecting device, ensuring machine and operators safety.

It has water level auto control, cap lack check, auto-stop for washing and capacity counting functions.

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