Whole plant equipment for beverages. Professional and one-stop solution tailored to your beverage production and packing requirement: from PET bottle blow molding to water treatment, bottling and packing

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Full Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Our unique K-A1L full automatic blow molding machine is at a price close to semi-automatic ones. However, K-A1L’s production speed is twice higher. For example, for a normal 500ml bottle, a semi-automatic machine can make about 750 bottles in an hour while our K-A1L can make about 1500 BPH!  K-A1L is compact in size and uses single cavity molds for production of PET bottles up to 1L. With a very high performance/cost ratio, we do believe that this compact machine, K-A1L, will draw your attention and appeal to you.

bottle blowing machine 1 cavity